Dude, you're an idiot to come up with such a great idea and then post pics of it on the internet!. Have you ever heard of a patent/trademark?!


Actually, I have heard of Patents and trademarks and copyrights and that sort of a thing. But lets just say that in the Linux Vs. Microsoft debate, I fall on the side of Linux. And really, all the ingredients for the Tormato! are super cheap, and assembly only takes a few minutes. I'd rather offer this to people as a free option and have a little faith that if they REALLY like it…they'll hit the donate button down there in the footer.




I had heard that PVCs leeched some chemical, and therefore shouldn't be used for food prep.

Saran wrap is PVC …and most people don't have a problem letting that directly touch our food. Most of our water runs down our drains made of PVC, and then is recycled by our municipalities back into our homes. I'm pretty sure that letting the PVC touch the dirt that our food is raised in is a not so risky behavior. I


That said…I have long been an avid organic gardener and am open to PVC alternatives for those who are PVC opposed. So far there have been suggestions for Bamboo and HDPE. I think a 2×2 or 1×2 might also work (but the nutrient delivery system would be lost), but I like tha aesthetics of the PVC and do not share the PVC concerns. Please let me know if you try an alternative and what the results are!


You said that your tomato plants can get as tall as 7 feet.  I have never seen one get that tall. Can you tell us what you do to your soil that you get this fantastic growth?


First off, my soil is SAND.  Dispite all my efforts to incorporate organic matter (I am an avid composter), the soil remains…..Sandy.  Sandy soil is not really good for growing many things…..tomatoes included.  I attribute my tomatoes success to Alflafa Tea–or what I call "Go Juice" or "Grow Juice".  Aside from that, I try score some seaweed (freshwater) from the lakes when they clear them.  I also throw the plants a handful of epsom salts (magnisum sulfate) occasionally.


Here is the Alfalfa Tea recipe that I use:

1 Cup Ground corn (Chicken Feed, Available very cheap at your local feed mill)

2 Cups Alfalfa pellets (Horse Feed, Also available at your feed mill–do not get the ones with SALT in them!)

1 "Handful" dried molassas (Horse treat, also available @ the feed mill)

Any other organic ingredients you'd like to ferment–think "Things I'd put in the compost"

1   5 gallon bucket of water.

Put the dried ingredients in a sack and tie it off– leave enough room for it to expand 2 to 3 times its dried size.

Put the sack of dried ingredients  in the  5 gallon bucket of water out in the elements (warm is good, we are wanting to produce an aerobic reaction–think Yeast)

Stir once a day for 7-10 days

The concoction will start to foam, and then start to stink (not the initial "sour" "yeasty" smell…it will REALLY stink….think dead animal) 

Once it is good and stinky, pour one cup on each plant 2 times per week. 

It can also be used for foliar feeding.

Check Gardenweb Forums for info!

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