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  1. I just discovered your Tormato. What a great idea. We must be kindred souls. I have been working for over a decade to perfect what I believe is the best tomato cage out there. I call my vision the Tomato Triangle.

    The Tomato Triangle design has gone though dozens of inspirations, rendered in metal, wood and finally plastic. I think that I am getting very close to a final design which I hope to bring to market one of these days. Patents are pending and final garden trials are in the works. 

    My idea is totally different from yours, which is brilliant, by the way. I grow a lot of tomatos in the very best growing conditions possible. Some of my plants grow to 8 feet and can have as much as 50 pounds of fruit at any given time. I wanted to design a tomato cage system that was stronger than anything that is currently out there and scaleable in both height and width so it could be adapted to different size plants. It also needed to be weather proof and easy to assemble and take apart. All modisty aside, I think that I may have finally nailed it. 

    I could go on with the story but if you are interested, we can do that down the road. I would like to send you some images of the Tomato Triangle for your comments. Please let me know how to do this.

    I have another design in the works that is actually similar to yours but much smaller for peppers and other types of veggies that tend to get top heavy. I have been stuck with the inability to find a suitable, low cost material to build it with but your Pex tubing may be the answer if they make it in smaller diameter versions. 

    I would love to discuss all of this with you at some point if you are interested. Please email me if this is the case. 

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