Why try a Tormato?

Thursday, 28 May 2009 11:48


Quite simply, there are probably other plants in your garden that would like some attention too. Think how much time you spend tying up your plants, resetting your cages…


Storage is simple! Pull out the Pex and you can store these just about anywhere!


It's versatile! How tall are you expecting your plants to get? You can adapt the tormato to your growing needs.


DIY is COOL!!! You can say you built it yourself.


Aren't they beautiful??!?




Less than $8!


I picked up 100 ft of PEX tubing at my local big box hardware store for $22. For each Tormato, I use 20 feet so this is a cost of $4.40 in Pex. The PVC was $2.39 at another big box hardware store (who for some reason only sell PEX in 20 foot lenths for $6.50) and the elbows for the end cap/trellis system was another $1.19.


$7.98 a piece! Not bad! Hopefully they will last for quite a few years.

You probably have some twine laying around, Nylon will probably hold up better and have less breakage if things start getting really heavy!


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